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Boreumbyeol Hwang
@MYSTIC Actors
청순하고 단아한 매력으로 데뷔 전부터 네티즌들의 많은 관심을 받았던 황보름별은 임필성 감독의 단편영화 ‘출발,선’과 tvN D 웹드라마 ‘소녀의 세계’를 통해 신인답지 않은 안정적인 연기를 선보이며 눈도장을 찍었다. 특히 네이버 화제의 웹툰을 원작으로 한 ‘소녀의 세계’에서 부족한 것 없는 고등학생 임유나 역을 맡아 당찬 매력을 발산해 Z세대의 아이콘으로 급부상하며 많은 사랑을 받았다. 최근 캐스팅을 확정지은 KBS2 새 수목드라마 ‘학교 2021’에서 똑순이 강서영 역을 맡아 활약을 이어갈 예정이다.
Boreumbyeol Hwang, who received a lot of attention from netizens even before her debut with her innocent and elegant charm, gained attention by showing stable acting that was not like a rookie through director Lim Pil-sung’s short film ‘Starting, Line’ and tvN web drama ‘Fantasy of the Girls’. Especially, in ‘Fantasy of the Girls’, which is a drama based on Naver’s hot webtoon, she played ‘Lim Yu-na’, a high school student who is not lacking anything, and quickly emerged as an icon of Generation Z with her bright charm and received a lot of love. In KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘School 2021’, which recently confirmed her casting, she will continue to play the role of smarty-pants ‘Kang Seo-young’.


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