Artist :: 기안84

기안84는 만화가 겸 방송인으로, 2008년 웹툰 '노병가'로 데뷔해 '패션왕', '복학왕' 등 작품으로 큰 사랑을 받았다. 지난 2016년 MBC '나 혼자 산다'에 첫 출연해 꾸밈없는 자연스러운 모습과 엉뚱한 매력으로 꾸준한 사랑을 받고 있다.
Gian84, a cartoonist and entertainer, debuted with the webtoon ‘Old Soldier’s Song’, and his work including ‘Fashion King’, and ‘Bokhakwang’ was loved by many people. He has been loved for his straightforward naturalness and bold charm, since he appeared in MBC entertainment program ‘Live Alone’ in 2016.


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