Artist :: 고민시

MinSi Ko
@MYSTIC Actors
고민시는 웹드라마 '72초 드라마 시즌3'에서 기억녀 역으로 출연해 통통 튀는 매력을 보여줬다. 2018년 드라마 ‘라이브(tvN)’에서 오양촌 딸 오송이 캐릭터를 맛깔나게 소화했고, 영화 ‘마녀’에서 고등학생 명희 역을 리얼하게 그려내며 라이징 스타로 급부상했다. 첫 드라마 주연작인 ‘시크릿 부티크(SBS)’로 2019년 SBS 연기대상 신인상을 수상한 고민시는 앞으로 넷플릭스 ‘스위트홈’, ‘좋아하면 울리는 시즌2’, '지리산(tvN)' 등 다양한 작품에 출연해 시청자들을 사로잡을 예정이다.
Minsi Go, appeared as a woman of memory in the web drama ‘72 seconds drama season 3’ and showed her bubbly charm. In 2018, in tvN drama ‘Live’, she played the role named ‘Oh Song-yi’, a daughter of Oyangchon, so well and emerged as a rising star by portraying the role of a high school student ‘Myeong-hyee’ in the movie ‘The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion’. Minsi Go, who won the Rookie of the Year at 2019 SBS Drama Award for ‘Secret Boutique’, the drama that she played the lead role for the first time, has since become the next generation actor through Netflix series ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Alarm Season 2’. Also, through KBS2 drama ‘Youth Of MAY’, she has become a melodramatic goddess and is gaining expectations from the public with her next works including the movie 'smuggling' and tvN drama ‘Jirisan’.


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